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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Earn FaceBook Money 'Credits' Free

I call it beautiful because it is
.... This is a way to earn gifts (virtual money) to buy Facebook Credits so you can buy Barn Buddy credits and Other Games Credits .... Just Follow me .... OK?
B4 i continue thank you for joining my Facebook group


1) Join This Website ( http://www.surveyhead.com ) and Register, wait for the confirmation E-mail so can be a valid User .

2) After Validating your E-mail Address,Login To The Site and Complete Surveys and earn money ,day by day by day by day ..... etc.

3) Goto Rewards and Order your earnings as FaceBook Credits , as soon as you reach .

4) Goto BarnBuddy Game and then Buy Red Credits with facebook money you have just earned .

5) enjoy yourself - thank me later
Good Luck

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