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Saturday, May 21, 2011

AVP11 Folder Large Disk Space

OS : MS-Windows
Version : Home Edition SP2
Date : May, 21, 2011
Subject : Disk Space Problem got bigger suddenly
I used to have a Disl Space Problem after installing KIS 2011 (Updating - Removing Viruses - Disk Scanning) then the problem became disaster when i once realised that i only have 200 MGB only and i get a warnning (Low Disk Space on Drive C:), so i manually estimated the space on drive C: im using and i noticed that the folder (Documents And Settings) are so large, i wondered .... then i kept searching manually until i found this Folder (AVP11) which belongs to KIS, when i openned the folder i found many sub-folders i did not know which one to Delete ... i searched the internet and i did not find anything so i made up my mind and i counted on ALLAH and i disabled my KIS protection and i did exit it then i jumped to the sub-forlder (QB) which includes files with (.klq) extension and i Deleted it, i re-ran KIS, i re-enables protection and everything is ok now ....

Thanx for reading,
I wish it helps.
best regards : Evry1falls

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