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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Femen Egypt by Aliaa

We can sink no lower
This is the only suitable title of Egypt's state at this time, this time is called "Morsi's time and his Ikhwan fellows".

An activist, that is what they call her, a prostitute is what I call her. It's not in our nature or believes to take off our cloths in order to protest, we have never been a nudity idols for the rest of the world.

Her name is : Aliaa Al-Mahdi, and she started Femen Egypt on Dec, 2012, Femen is an Ukrainian organization founded in 2008 by the Anna Hustol the economist.
Anna hustol
Anna Hustol - red head woman on the left
Femen is a protest group that uses nudity to speak their minds, the group main choice to action is to topless demonstrate, since when was the woman's body a protesting tool ?

What about our woman (Aliaa) ?
Hustol was so angry because she's been barred from entering Russia, what is that got anything to do with Aliaa, there are so many protesting groups in the open wide world, why the naked one, Aliaa?
Not my business ?

Being brought up in a religious country like Egypt has its benefits, we get to learn to respect women, Islam religion was always at the women's side, only the women are not at the religion's side, of course not all of them but let me tell you that Egypt was one of the very first countries who called for "Women liberty", the Liberty statue (Standing tall lady) was coming to Egypt as a present except the world war started and prevented this event to take place.

Femen Egypt - Logo
Femen group in Egypt .... When ?
Only when the so called Muslims brotherhood group (of course this is just the name as they are a political group after all) reached the throne of Egypt after struggling and series of assassinations processes in the name of "Protecting Religion Values" .... Ha "Religion Values My ***". Stopping this little girl from invading our religious culture is a top priority when we talk about "Religious Values", but what are they doing ?
Nothing of course ...

The day will come, when this little girl will have followers and we will see then (The Rise of Egypt) by Muslims brotherhood.

Your goal is to share this as wide as you can, say "No" to nudity ...

News Update ----------- 2013 Aliaa EL-Mahdi is not dead yet

 Some tweets and Facebook posts published a rumor photo about the murder of Aliaa Mahdi, the Egyptian naked girl who protests 'Naked', but when it investigated by authorities the photo turned out to be a photo of a Brazilian teen who was killed in a car accident. So, apparently Aliaa is still alive and naked for sure somewhere.

Here is the photo of the Brazilian teen who got killed in the accident
Aliaa Mahdi dead
Brazilian teen killed in a car accident photo
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Egyptian Girl Naked to propagate her ideas about freedom

Egyptian Girl Naked to propagate her ideas about freedom

In an initiative movement of an Egyptian girl called "Aliaa Magda Elmahdy" studies at the A.U.C (American University in Cairo) along with her boyfriend "Kareem Nabil Amer" studies at (Cairo University) both did a disgraceful act by taking photos of themselves naked only to express their point of view about Freedom.
Aliaa the 20 years old student said "under one photo of her naked" addressing the society :
حاكموا الموديلز العراة الذين عملوا في كلية الفنون الجميلة حتي أوائل السبعينات و اخفوا كتب الفن و كسروا التماثيل العارية الأثرية, ثم اخلعوا ملابسكم و انظروا إلي أنفسكم في المرآة و احرقوا أجسادكم التي تحتقروها لتتخلصوا من عقدكم الجنسية إلي الأبد قبل أن توجهوا لي إهاناتكم العنصرية أو تنكروا حريتي في التعبير
Prosecute the naked model girls in the fine art college who worked until the beginning of the 70's and hid the art books and broke down the antique naked status, then take off your cloths and look at yourselves in the mirror then burn your bodies which you disgrace cause of your sexual inferiority complex forever before you give me those racial insult or deny my free of speech right .
I ask : "when giving up respecting your religion is the way to express your thoughts freely ?"

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