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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Earn FaceBook Money 'Credits' Free

I call it beautiful because it is
.... This is a way to earn gifts (virtual money) to buy Facebook Credits so you can buy Barn Buddy credits and Other Games Credits .... Just Follow me .... OK?
B4 i continue thank you for joining my Facebook group


1) Join This Website ( http://www.surveyhead.com ) and Register, wait for the confirmation E-mail so can be a valid User .

2) After Validating your E-mail Address,Login To The Site and Complete Surveys and earn money ,day by day by day by day ..... etc.

3) Goto Rewards and Order your earnings as FaceBook Credits , as soon as you reach .

4) Goto BarnBuddy Game and then Buy Red Credits with facebook money you have just earned .

5) enjoy yourself - thank me later
Good Luck

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How To Earn BarnBuddy Credits ... The Red Ones

In the Name Of Allah , The Most Gracious , The Most Merciful

First : Install Applications .
Install these applications on Facebook.com and you will get BB credits .
  1. Heart 4 you .
  2. Bunny For you .
  3. Puppy For you .
  4. Cat For you .
  5. Hoop Fever .
  6. Top Friends .
  7. My Favorite Buddies .
  8. My Girls .
  9. Game Friends .
  10. My Family .
  11. My Best Friends .
  12. Favorite People .
  13. Little Mermaid .
Second : Send Your Friends that play Barn-Buddy gifts from these Applications .
Like "when you go-to Heart For you, you send your friends Hearts, and when they send you back you get like 100 BB Credits for each friend sends you a heart, and note that you can not earn Credits from the same friend twice, only once each friend " and same thing goes for the cat and the puppy and the monkey .
The Other Games from No. 5 to 12 give you credits by installing them and Playing them Only .

Third : Finishing Growing Seeds and Gaining The Trophy .
When you earn the Trophy for finishing growing seeds you get Credits .

Forth : Answering the Questions By Barn-Buddy .
You notice that sometimes above the Barn-Buddy game box they ask you to join the Questioning about some other Brands and Games, well if you participate , you will earn what that say you will .

Fifth : Playing the translated Barn-Buddy Game Versions
A lot of people don't know that (Barn Buddy) translated to various editions, by playing these editions you get the chance to gain more credits and more neighbors.
the editions are :
English : Barn Buddy
Arabic : المزرعه
Turkish : Komsu Ciftlik
French : La Ferme
Spanish : La Granja
German : Erntefest

Fifth : Playing the Slot Machine
If you wish to get many many many Blue Credits to play more of the slot machine in order to earn much Red Credits, you need many many as many neighbors as you can get, and it could be achieved by doing the previous step .

If you have any question just Post a comment ... or visit me

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