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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Vodafone USB Broadband K3770 - Solutions

Problem1 - Rollback Installation : حالة استرجاع الملفات
What Happens ?
when you stick your Vodafone USB into your labtop  Usb Port it won't load setup files automatically, and when you attempt to run the setup by yourself manually the setup status rolls back .
Solution :
- The K3770 USB model requires wireless dependencies (Wireless Zero Configuration & DHCP Client & DNS Client) and those must be enabled, how ?!!

see photos ....
Navigate to Administrative Tools => Services

Enable Both (DHCP - DNS) Clients and set them to run as automatic

Enable Both (Wireless Zero Configurations) Clients and set it to run as automatic
Restart your laptop or PC and then Navigate to USB drive and run The (setup_vmb_lite.exe) file manually ... and congratulations ....

Problem 2 - Couldn't Find WI-FI (i don't really remember the exact error)
- you should be seeing a message after installation completed and couple of file are needed to run the software probably , you could find those files here :
after downloading and installing both files - restart and (ISA) you won't be facing any further issues ...
if you have any Question Please Contact me by Comments .....

Problem 3 - The K3770 software is installed but not connecting 
- you see the USB in the device section in the software but not incoming connections.
that means you don't have enough credits, or anyway it is not the USB problem, it is the SIM problem, just contact your Provider, call Vodafone Tech Support from Egypt 2828 and press (11111) when the operator asks .

Problem 4 - The K3770 software is installed but still no device .
- you open the device section and find out that there is a draw of USB stick but the 'Enable - Button' is not marked or ticked .
that means the software passed the OS but the USB Stick did not, in more plain English, it means that the software of the K3770 did not recognized the K3770 USB stick and expecting another one ...
the solution is Hard and tricky ... OK !?
you will need another USB Stick model (K3765) For 2 reasons ...
1st - we will need to try it
2nd - we need the software inside of it version (VMC Lite but you can always download it from here .
Anyway --
1) End The software (Ctrl+Alt+Del) => Process => MobileBroadband => right click => End Task
2) Uninstall the current software (Add/Remove Panel) and from (C:\Program Files) as well ...
3) Remove\Uninstall the Vodafone Broadband Device installation from Device Manager specially the (Modem - Vodafone) if found
4) Restart your machine (PC\Lap Top)
5) you should not be seeing any request from the Machine ...
6) If you've the USB K3765 then insert it to the USB Port and install the software ,or else just install the software you downloaded, you can also take a copy of the software from within the K3765 and install it separately .
7) anyway after the installation is complete with the K2765 usb - try it ... if it is working the remove it and stick the k3770 and go to device section in the Vodafone software and mark it as Default .
8) if you just downloaded the software or copied it from any other place without the k3765 usb stick, after installing the Software insert your K3770 into the usb, it should be working and enabled ...
9) if not .. contact me here by comments i will walk you through the installation until is done (ISA) ..

For more Computer solutions please Google me (Evry1falls - Your Issues)
    (P.S) if you can not see the download link of the K3765 software, that because maybe I'm still uploading it .

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