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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Four women murdered in Egypt

Islam Religion is the religion of peace.

Egypt New : 
Four women murdered in Mansoura 19-July-2013

Tens of thousands of citizens led a funeral the 4 women who are killed in bloody clashes witnessed by Mansoura, Egypt on Friday.

The bloody clashes had erupted in the late hours of Friday evening until the early hours of the morning between supporters of President Mohamed Morsi and hundreds of thugs, and a number of people resulted in the deaths of 4 women.

Funerals emerged from mosques Faith Suez Canal Street, and Morning Mosque adjacent to University Stadium area which witnessed clashes, and the village of Kafr Mosque Ghannam Center Sinbillawain.

Gathered worshipers in the funeral prayer on the Hala Abu She'sha, Talaat Shinawi responsible administrative office of the Muslim Brotherhood in Dakahlia Governorate, confirmed her father in the taped conversation to him that calculated daughter of the martyrs, and he would not accept consolation out but will wait for the return of legitimacy for establishing "joy" rather than consolation.

Grief tents of mourners at the funerals of the day, and carried the team Sisi and internal coup (As claimed by the
Muslim Brotherhood) the responsibility of the occurrence of dead they said.

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- Jihad Haddad, spoke-man of the Brotherhood Group fabricates a photo to send it to the Wetern-Media falsely about murdered woman in Mansoura events Fri, 19-Jul.  

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Egyptian Girl Naked to propagate her ideas about freedom

Egyptian Girl Naked to propagate her ideas about freedom

In an initiative movement of an Egyptian girl called "Aliaa Magda Elmahdy" studies at the A.U.C (American University in Cairo) along with her boyfriend "Kareem Nabil Amer" studies at (Cairo University) both did a disgraceful act by taking photos of themselves naked only to express their point of view about Freedom.
Aliaa the 20 years old student said "under one photo of her naked" addressing the society :
حاكموا الموديلز العراة الذين عملوا في كلية الفنون الجميلة حتي أوائل السبعينات و اخفوا كتب الفن و كسروا التماثيل العارية الأثرية, ثم اخلعوا ملابسكم و انظروا إلي أنفسكم في المرآة و احرقوا أجسادكم التي تحتقروها لتتخلصوا من عقدكم الجنسية إلي الأبد قبل أن توجهوا لي إهاناتكم العنصرية أو تنكروا حريتي في التعبير
Prosecute the naked model girls in the fine art college who worked until the beginning of the 70's and hid the art books and broke down the antique naked status, then take off your cloths and look at yourselves in the mirror then burn your bodies which you disgrace cause of your sexual inferiority complex forever before you give me those racial insult or deny my free of speech right .
I ask : "when giving up respecting your religion is the way to express your thoughts freely ?"

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