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Showing posts with label Fake stories to harm Islam religion. Show all posts

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Qatar Prime minister's daughter Salwa Scandal news is fake

Islam Religion is the religion of peace.
Qatar Prime Minister’s Daughter scandal news is fake
Qatar Prime Minister’s Daughter scandal news is fake

 It's been in the news stream lately @Facebook and @Twitter and other social networks, the headline of "Qatar Prime Minister’s Daughter Linked to Prostitution Ring" or "Salwa bin Jasim Porn scandal" with this content :

Islam Times - The Financial Times, a renowned British newspaper reported that the British Security Services had broken into a London apartment following concerns that the residence was used for terrorist activities, only to found that the premises were used for prostitution.
which is absolutely false and fake accusation .. How to make sure of it ?
  •  Financial Times news paper main website did not talk about it as stated in the website that spread the rumor of the Prime minister's daughter scandal..... Check for yourself.
  • The website that launched this fake news is :
    Islamtimes.org from here
    libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.org from here
    both have no creditability what so ever, they both claim that the source of the news is the Financial Times of London while the Financial Times of London has no clue about this piece of news.
  • Google, when you search Google for this Keyword "Prime Minister's daughter scandal" or "Salwa Bin Jasim scandal" you will only find those two websites as the source of the info. which make it all wrong and fake, because they both rely on the fact "which is not a fact" that the Financial Times is the original poster of this news which is not.
Please be aware of those both websites and spread the truth if you really care, not for anything but  for the sake of ALLAH and the truth.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Dimitri Poliakov - ديمترى بولياكوف

ديميترى بولياكوف أو ديمترى بولاكوف العالم المزعزم غير حقيقى بالمره 
اذا كنت تعرفه ... أبلغنا من فضلك 

Dimitry Poliakov  is fake, please let us know if you recognize him
 هل يعقل ان يقوم عالم فيزياء باكتشاف حقيقه كونيه مثل شروق الشمس من مغربها و لا يعلم من يعيشون معه فى نفس الدوله بالأمر ؟

هل يعقل أن لا يكون لاسم هذا العالم ( ديمترى بولياكوف ) أى صفه على صفحات الانترنت الا فى المواقع العربيه فقط ؟

هل يعقل ان لا ينشر الموضوع على الاقل على الـ YouTube أو يكون له مرجع فى Wikipedia ؟

الموضوع ليس له أساس من الصحه !

هناك ديمترى بولياكوف - لاعب تنس
و ديمترى بولياكوف - جنرال قديم
ديمترى بولياكوف - ممثل سينمائى
و لا يوجد أى شخص اخر بهذا الاسم على صفحات الانترنت يعمل فى مجال الفيزياء اعلن اسلامه حتى يومنا هذا .
أرجو من الاخوه تحرى الدقه و الحقيقه ....

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