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Monday, June 23, 2014

Israel hits Syria 22/June/2014

Islam Religion is the religion of peace.

Israel Army Hits Syria

13 years old Israeli teen - Mohammed Karaka

Israel hits Syrian Targets

Israel launches strikes on targets in Syria

Air Force attacks positions in Syrian-controlled Golan Heights in retaliation for missile attack which claimed life of 13-year-old teen.
القوات الاسرائيليه تشن هجوما على مواقع سوريه اليوم 23-يونيو-2014 ردا على مقتل طفل فى الثالث عشر من عمره على الحدود الاسرائليه السورية (الجانب الاسرائيلى) مرتفعات الجولان.
The Israel Air Force launched attacks on nine Syrian military positions in the Golan Heights late Sunday night in response to a missile attack earlier in the day that killed a 13-year-old boy on the Israeli side of the border.

The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) said the targets belonged to President Bashar Assad's Syrian army, and included command posts and firing positions. The military confirmed direct hits on the targets. High-precision ground-to-ground Spike (Tamuz) missiles were also used in the attack.

Residents of northern Israel reported hearing explosions from across the border with Syria.

The strikes were launched shortly after midnight, when IAF jets fired missiles on Syrian army positions on the Syrian-controlled Golan Heights.

Syrian opposition sources claimed that there were 3 attacks on Syrian army positions. They said the headquarters of Syria's 90th Division, which is stationed in Quneitra, was also attacked.

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