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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Egypt Revolution

Islam Religion is the religion of peace.

حقا انهم يتنفسون الكذب

Published by "Jihad" the spokesman of Brotherhood group, infidels fabricated image of a woman claimed as a victim of clashes in Mansoura events which took place Friday, 19/July/2013.

E-mail of fabricated sent to all Western news agencies and social networking sites that promotes of killing that lady at the hands of the rebels June 30, which and described "Mounqlpeen".

Jihad Haddad - Group's spokeman
The exciting thing is that "Jihad Haddad" did not know there is no differences from all the liars, which revealed their plans as dirty sedition and falsification of facts and bullying the West, the picture published by the lady beside her baby crying out wearing winter clothing is and those around her did not notice that we are in the summer and the lady is a lady from Syria.

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الخبر من على جريدة البشاير

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