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Friday, June 29, 2012

Partition Magic from USB Flash Memory

If you want to resize, move or generally edit your Hard Disk using Partition magic from a USB Drive, then you should know that it won't happen.
The reason why i titled my blog like this (Partition Magic from USB Flash Memory) is because i know that Partition Magic is the most famous tool to get the job done, but unfortunately it did not work for me either from CD/DVD or from USB Flash Memory, and i know that people will Google it and maybe land here.

If you still insist in using Partition Magic from USB drive then good luck search the web, but if you want to a successful tool that will get it done with, then you are welcome to continue reading this article.

I (ISA) will cover these points :
  1. Getting USB Flash Memory ready to use.
  2. Resizing a Hard Disk Partition.
Here we go, 

    1. Getting USB Flash Memory ready to use.
  • You will be needing a USB Flash Memory with capacity of more than 50MB [I use KingStone 8GB] .
  • Plug your USB device into your USB reader [PCI], wait until it's ready.
  • Download [YUMI-] from Mediafire.com link into your Hard Disk.
  • Download Partition Wizard MiniTool [pwhe7.iso] full for free from Mediafire.com Link into your Hard Disk.
  • Open YUMI [It won't need installation] and follow these photos in order.

1- Run YUMI

2- Choose your USB drive Letter
3- Mark
4- Choose Partition Wizard
5- Locate your (pwhe.iso) file
5- Click (Create)


  • Congratulations, now unplug your USB and stick it to your LabTop, start your LabTop, from Boot Menu choose (USB HDD) then you will find the application run automatically.
  • Select [System Tools ->] from arrows in keyboard, then [Enter]
  • Select [Partition Wizard] then [Enter]
  • Select [Boot from Partition Wizard Boot Disk] then [Enter]
  • Loading .....................
  • Loading .....................
  • Choose your best screen resolution [choose the default] then [Enter] or just wait and it will be picked up automatically.
                    2. Resizing your Hard Disk
  • You will see the application first screen, just like Partition Magic Tools.
  • Use your mouse or your keyboard to work.
  • Right-Click on your Partition and pick up the task you wish to get done [ Move / Re-size] then [Apply] 
  •  Don't always forget to [Apply] .
  • Have  fun .

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