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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mermaid was found dead on Egypt's shore Video captured

Islam Religion is the religion of peace.
Not the real photo "Archive Photo" of a Mermaid lying dead

Today Tuesday, 05/Nov./2013

Egypt's Red Sea Reserves Staff found a dead Mermaid by the red sea area "Safaga bay" after a while from suffering from an exhaustion condition and before the Aid Ambulance arrival.

Dr./ Yasser Said, head of the Red Sea Reserves Staff, received a call from one of the diving boats belong to one of the Hotels in Safaga City, Southern Red Sea Gov. claiming a Mermaid has been found on the shore.

An immediate action has been taken to handle the situation but the medics were too late when they found the 3 meter lying dead Mermaid on the shore, very rare kind and fully-grown one as they described it, suffering from an exhaustion condition, and before taking any actions, it passed away.

Some blood samples have been taken to perform medical analysis to determine the cause of death which is suspected to be that the Mermaid left the Red Sea to find some fresh air because of her exhaustion condition but it passed away.

A mummification process have been immediately took place on the dead body of the Red Sea Mermaid and is being ready to be transferred to the Maritime Museum to operate studies on it.

Video ....

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Weird But Real

No Introductions,
Just The Story Of The photos that is so weird but still real Though .... Check this Out ....

Ancient unknown creature found

These weird creatures were found in an abandoned foundation pit in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. I even don’t have an idea on which animal it can remind me. It really looks weird and scary, i wouldn’t like to hold this one in my hands.
Source : http://thecontaminated.com

I won't comment on this one :

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Talking of an ancient water once existed on MARS

rover found remains of ancient water on MARS


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