Vodafone USB Broadband K3770 - Solutions

Problem1 - Rollback Installation : حالة استرجاع الملفات What Happens ? when you stick your Vodafone USB into your labtop  Usb Port it won't load setup files automatically, and when you attempt to run the setup by yourself manually the setup status rolls back . Solution : - The K3770 USB model requires wireless dependencies (Wireless Zero Configuration & DHCP Client & DNS Client) and those must be enabled, how ?!! see photos .... Navigate to Administrative Tools => Services Enable Both (DHCP - DNS) Clients and set them to run as automatic Enable Both (Wireless Zero Configurations) Clients and set it to run as automatic Restart your laptop or PC and then Navigate to USB drive and run The (setup_vmb_lite.exe) file manually ... and congratulations .... Problem 2 - Couldn't Find WI-FI (i don't really remember the exact error) - you should be seeing a message after installation completed and couple of file are need
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